Announcing... LYFE!

There are so wonderful many people, experiences, practices, and phases of life that have led me to this decision, and I am full of excitement to share it with you: In June, I will open Yoga LYFE as a new space for practice in the incredible community of Melbourne. 
I believe that life is a magnificent gift, not some karmic punishment or something we need to transcend.

LYFE (Laughter and Yoga For Everyone) will be a reflection of this.

You can expect at least five classes a day with our community's gifted teachers with everything from gentle, yin, mixed levels, advanced practices, kids yoga, and beginner series. 

We truly believe that yoga is for everyone ~ every body type, every background, every mindset, every ability, every budget, every age. 

We are each different beings with unique desires and needs. No two of us are the same. The beautiful practice of yoga is malleable. It can meet you where you are, whether it's on a yoga mat, at your office, or out on a Friday night. 

LYFE will be a place that cultivates and nurtures community and joy through your practice, not just for Middle Park locals but the surrounding Melbourne neighbourhoods. We hope you will come get to know us Elwood, St Kilda, Albert Park, Port Melbourne.

The Koru is a symbol integral to our founding philosophy. In the Māori tradition this natural shape signifies new beginnings, growth, strength, and peace. Korus are found in many sizes and reflect perpetual movement ~ just like life. Ever shifting, ever expanding, how we dance with this energy is when our practice can come to life.

Love and light, Denise

Brian Orloff