Reflection on Kirtan

by Christina Georgia Ananiou

Yesterday, it was a construction site. Today, it is a space for spiritual practice. The room is cosy and spacious, the ceiling is tall, the lighting is warm, the decoration is just beautiful. Yoga bolsters and blankets laying on the floor, generous smiles, open hearts, people that want to heal, connect, serve and elevate. 

This is how my first Kirtan experience at Yoga Lyfe began. Evoking Nataraja, the destroyer of illusion and of attachments, followed by Saraswati, the goddess of creation and creativity, then the love story of Sita and Rama, to Ganesha, the lord of beginnings, good fortune and the remover of obstacles. Together with all these chants merged Bob Marley’s “One love”. Now that’s what I call flow! Harmonies along with a talented band and plenty of dancing. Souls are, indeed, vibing.

Closing the practice with ‘Oms’ feels like the ceilings will crack (in a good way) and everything feels lighter and seriously beautiful.

Kirtan, thank you for having manifested in my world.


Brian Orloff