Yoga literally means “union” or “to yoke”  

Yoga is any meaningful way we choose to connect, not just with our minds and bodies, but with our hearts. How we choose to connect everyday in our life makes a difference. How can we use the practices of yoga to cultivate more meaningful connection? How can we cultivate yoga of the heart that creates a collective effervescence? We hope you will ask us many more questions about yoga, and come experience how the practices can support you.


Learn yoga in a safe, supportive environment focused on the general form of poses.


Less strenuous, great for beginners, seniors, pregnant women, practitioners recovering from injury, or simply if you are looking for a more relaxed practice.


You’ll flow continuously through strong sequences of traditional postures, linking breath with movement to build strength, balance, and flexibility.


Offering a strong practice, with a wider variety of poses, for those with some yoga experience through intermediate.


Teacher and students practice together in our most playful, explorative and advanced class each week.


This supportive and inspiring class offers facts and techniques to provide an optimal, joy-filled journey into motherhood.


Props are used to fully support the body in restful postures to bring a deep sense of calm to the body and mind.


Slow-paced style with postures that are held for longer periods of time to stretch the connective tissues of the body, increasing circulation in the joints and improving flexibility.