Laughter Lines


That’s what I call them. And what’s funny, is I seriously welcome more! I want a life filled with keeling over from laughing so hard. with the contagious sounds of my friends and family laughing. I want a community that finds freedom and inspiration by not getting stuck what they think is the “right way” and allowing life to be fun, or at least not so serious, even through the hard, the pain, the tears.

This past weekend three girlfriends and I walked 60 kilometres along the Mornington Pennisula coastline; it was stunning, and hard, and there was pain and fears, and the laughter is what helped us keep moving. We spent the weekend together recovering, and there was much reflection, teasing, good food, bubbles and laughter. We watched movies with Hollywood’s finest actors and chuckled at the lack of expression due to chemicals and surgeries. Seriously people, why don’t we love our laughter lines? Why are we attached to an unreal ideal? Why are we so fixed on fixing our natural expressions? I find something so beautiful in a face scrunched up from laughing. 

Ever watch children at play? Listen to the shouts of joy, the spontaneous games, the silliness, the ridiculous, the crazy, the massive creativity that helps inform their day. It’s essential to their growth, it’s how they learn. Their expressions are priceless, their crazy hair adorable, their disheveled clothing charming. When did we stop valuing this in ourselves? In this selfie driven world it’s easy to want a retake, but are they necessary?

I’m definitely an instigator in finding more time to play, whether exploring outdoors, impromptu dance parties or enjoying an art class. It is vital to my wellbeing and it’s always more fun with others. My yoga classes are filled with cheeky encouragement and random bursts of joy. How do you play? What makes you laugh? Can you find humour even in the toughest of life struggles? 

One of my treasured traits is the ability to laugh at myself. I thrive by allowing more playfulness in my life; to be silly, to laugh at the tough stuff, to let go of the decorum and proper behaviour, and lighten up. Yeah baby, lighten up! Just sayin’.

— Love and light, Denise

Brian Orloff